History of the PNG Bible Church Inc.


Rev. G.T. Bustin Family
Rev. G.T. Bustin Family

In 1974 before Independence, the Papua New Guinea Bible Church was incorporated as an indigenized National Church. The Headquarters is located in Pabarabuk, Western Highlands Province.

Before it became indigenized, the Church was then known as the Evangelical Bible Mission (EBM). Later it was renamed as the PNG Bible Church Inc. The founding missionary who had established EBM in New Guinea was Rev. Green Tolbert Bustin.

Reverend Bustin arrived the highlands of New Guinea in 1948. He had a vision and felt that God was leading him to do pioneer evangelism work in PNG. He came with an Australian named Frank Buckley. Both came to Mt. Hagen and stayed with Danny Leahy, an Australian gold digger for a week then trotted down the Kuta Range to Nebilyer valley and first started the pioneer mission station in Pabarabuk.


Rev. Kandulope and Pastor Sarowa
Rev. Kandulope and Pastor Sarowa

One of the early converts was Reverend Kandulope Yakumbu. Rev. Kandulope was also instrumental in burning down of spirit houses. Under Rev. Bustin’s preaching and evangelism work,

Timba, Sarowa, Miriye and others got converted. In the early 50s, Reverend Bustin organized the arrival of more missionaries with trade skills to build our Mission Stations. Some came as Educators, Technicians, Builders, Preachers, Plumbers, Mechanics and Carpenters. These missionaries helped establish the Mission Stations.


In 1948, Pabarabuk,the first Mission station and current

Rev, Bruce Blous
Rev. Bruce Blowers

headquarters was established. Followed by Tambul in 1953 and Kaupena in 1956. Pabarabuk and Kaupena were

established by G.T. Bustin, and Tambul was established by Rev. Frank Ward. Then came Tongo River in 1960 by Rev. Bruce Blowers and Mr. Victor Chamberlain.

Victor and Claudia Chamberlain
Victor and Claudia Chamberlain

Subsequently, the 1960s brought forth the growth and spread of the Holiness Message to other mission stations like Mele in the Wiru valley, Piambil, Pulupatu, Katiloma, Kamaga, Baiyer River and to the rest of the country.


PNG Bible Church now has over 800 plus local indigenous churches, two Bible Colleges(English and Tokpisin), two high schools, one vocational center, three Health Centres, one FM Radio Station and over 20 plus ACE schools around the country. PNG Bible Church also has its own Foreign Missions Department that sends missionaries to other parts of the world. Currently, the mission fields are in the Solomon Islands, Philippines, and West Papua-Indonesia. Future plans are to reach out to Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific and Asian countries to spread the Holiness Message of Heart Purity and Entire Sanctification.

The church has approximately over 50,000 faithful members but those who are not faithful but claim to be part of the church numbers to over 100,000 or more.

Rev.Frank Ward Rev. Frank Ward