The Tambul Bible School was first started in 1972 by Rev. Daniel Glick and Rev. Robert Brock. The focus on the establishment of the Pidgin Bible School was to train local pastors for PNG churches. From humble beginnings, the school has been the main force in producing Pastors and Christian workers in establishing local churches throughout the country.

Without Tambul Bible School and Pacific Bible College taking the leading role in producing preachers to win the lost, PNG Bible Church would not have the 800 plus local churches in the country.

Tambul Bible School has played a significant role in disseminating the Gospel through trained men and women going out and impacting lives with the ‘Holiness Message’.

After the establishment of Tambul Bible School, Rev. Undi Pundu begun his teaching ministry fulfilling God’s call since 1972. Prior to that, he attended Wara Tun Nazarene Bible School in the Jiwaka Province and got his formal theological training. Back then life was hard and challenging but he had managed to complete his studies. After his training he joined Tambul Bible School as a cadet teaching staff.

When Rev. Robert Brock left for America, he took over the reigns as the incumbent principal of the school. Since then, Rev. Pundu has taught in the school for the last 49 years.

In 2018, the Tambul Bible School Board has identified two new face lifting projects and resolved to start working on them:

1. New Dinning Hall.

2. New Tabernacle.

The new Dinning Hall is completed and will be used shortly. The dinning hall was made of bricks and steel frame with tiled flooring and would hold a maximum capacity of a thousand people.

The new Tabernacle project is also underway and fifty percent (50%) completed. (See picture above) It’s a mammoth task undertaken so please pray for TBS.


Brother David Sarowa is the current Board Chairman of the Tambul Bible School. He is the eldest son of Pastor Sarowa Kimbu, one of the pioneers of the PNG Bible Church.

Under his leadership, they have initiated several projects to revamp the school’s current status into a decent learning environment with proper building facilities and infrastructure to cater for the increased enrollment of students both nationally and Internationally.

Also other projects identified and will be looked into includes:

- Construction of new student dormitories;

-Upgrading of new married quarters;

- Construction of new staff houses;

- Construction of a new Missionary home;

-Expansion of farm work;

- and relocation of joinery and workshop.

So far God has provided and trusting that He would continue till all projects are completed. When you do things God’s way God’s grace is always there.

Mr. Sarowa elaborated that it was the great commission that compelled his board members to build the new tabernacle. He also highlighted the design and scoping plan of the building project.

The new tabernacle will have seven classrooms upstairs; a conference room and a school administration office. The centre would be used as an auditorium for church activities. The building will also have shower rooms and toilet facilities including a balcony.

Mr. Sarowa reiterated that the massive tabernacle would cost approximately four to five million kina. “It is projected that by year 2025 the tabernacle would be completed and pave way for a grand opening”, Mr. Sarowa said.

The Tambul District (DEK) is fully behind in supporting the development plans initiated by the school’s governing board.

The District Chairman Pastor Samson Pora and his pastors had collected a total of K149, 000-00 from the 19 local churches to support the projects and the re-development plan of the Tambul Bible School. “People are now taking ownership of the new tabernacle project. God is working and it’s a sign of revival”, said Pastor Samson.

He further reiterated that the laymen and educated elites of Tambul valley had also chipped in funds and resources since they value the importance of Tambul Bible School as a cornerstone that produces trained men and women to impact PNG and the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Giving to extend God’s work is a worthy investment that has eternal dividends so we need your help and prayer support to complete the new tabernacle project” said Ps Samson.