The National Pastors’ Conference is held to strengthen and equip Pastors to reach out and touch lives with renewed hope and vision for the lost. The role of a Pastor is critical since he represents God to help man find salvation and forgiveness of sin through the redemptive work Jesus did on the cross. Moreover, Pastors advocate on behalf of God reminding people the love of God and the eternal consequences of neglecting God’s great salvation offered freely to save the world. Pastors’ have an higher calling therefore it is imperative that they must be blameless to administer their calling without fear or favor. As such annual Pastors’ Conferences are held to equip and strengthen them to facilitate their duties as a workman of God rightly dividing the word of truth. They are also challenged to see the bigger picture of evangelism and soul-winning. In every Conference, Church leaders, Pastors and Ministry Heads are scheduled to speak on the importance of pastoral calling, church administration and responsibilities, vision and objectives for kingdom advancement including how to be fruitful in the ministry, etc.

Pastors Conference is a time of refreshment since they have given their soul out feeding the flock; however, events as such is the only time they come together to be recharged, rekindled, and re-enforced to share God’s love to the people whom God has entrusted to their care.

The 2021 National Pastors Conference was no exception. It was held in Tambul Bible School with Pastors from all across the nation totaling up to over 600 plus men and women-came as far as Goodenough Island, Central Province, New Guinea Islands, Highlands and Momase regions of Papua New Guinea.

The Conference was held on the 19th-23rd July, 2021. However, God came in a mighty way and touched and revived everyone that attended the conference.

The National Executive Leaders of the PNG Bible Church including Chairman Rev. Wane Ninjipa, Deputy Chairman Ps. Moresby Tunge, Missions Director Rev. Pilipo Miriye and to name a few had also attended the conference. In one of the sessions, Rev. Wane gave a brief historical timeline on how PNG Bible Church has come this far including the legal battles the church has encountered with (EBM) and other parties concerned. He reiterated that the National Court has made a ruling in favour of the PNG Bible Church Inc. as the legal custodian of all Mission stations established by the early missionaries. He had also given out a few land titles acquired through the National Department of Lands and Physical Planning to Pabarabuk Station, Tambul Mission station, Tongo River and Piambil Districts’ of the PNG Bible Church Inc. The mentioned Districts’ 99-year lease agreements were renewed and it was a good news everyone was excited to hear.

The main Conference speaker was Evangelist Mano Toite. He was used of God and preached some powerful and soul-searching sermons ever heard. Also, other Pastors and Church leaders were scheduled to take class sessions and everyone did a flamboyant presentation that has enriched pastors in a big way. The students of Pacific Bible College and Tambul Bible School had also attended the conference. They were excited to be part of the team.

The Preachers reiterated that PNG is a small Country and if only we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we can conquer and win this nation for Christ. ‘The message of ‘Holiness’ is what this country needs and we have a great responsibility to reach- out and impact lives’. However, the 2021 National Pastors Conference has ended successfully on a high note. Thanks to the organizing committee for a job well done. The next Conference will be held in 2022 if the Lord tarries.