December 20 2019

2019 National Youth Camp

The National Youth Camp was held on the 18th -21st April-2019 at the Mt Hagen Secondary School campus. Thanks to the School Administration and the Board of Governors for allowing our young people to use the school facilities to worship and admonish their faith during the Easter weekend.

More than 2000 youths attended the Camp. Rev David Seeley from the United States (US) spoke at the convention. He preached practical messages to strengthen the youths in today’s world and to set their priorities right and serve God better in times like this when evil is on the increase to devour their lives.

He also challenged them to use their mobile phones wisely by avoiding pornography and other illicit contents on the internet that would pollute their minds and led them astray. Many flocked the altar seeking God’s forgiveness and healing to sustain their Christian lives. After prayer some courageously stood and testified of what God had done in their lives.

Many prayed, confessed and publically testified that they would stand for God and do what is right and acceptable in His sight. They also promised not to touch the old sinful habits that had strangled their lives and kept them away from God. About seventy-five percent (75%) of the youth population that attended the National Youth Convention were comprised of mainly students in tertiary institutions, high schools and secondary schools.

PNG Bible Church’s youth population has increased dramatically over the last ten (10) years; it’s an indication reflecting the current growth and development of the church.

They have zeal, enthusiasm and energy to propel evangelism and outreach programs. So far youth leaders are doing a fantastic job by upholding and guiding our young people to do things right with sound Biblicial teaching.

A Church without Youth programs, Sunday school classes, Men and Women fellowship groups to name a few is a dead church. We are thankful of what God is doing by adding in young people and keeping the church programs alive. Now it’s their time. They have potential and strength to do great exploits for God.

Pastor Seeley also spoke highly about our country and the seriousness we have in spreading the Gospel. He reiterated that such approach must continue and let the revival fire kindle and transform PNG, the South Pacific including the neighboring Asian countries.

From the reports collected, almost everyone that attended the camp had received help in one way or the other and that’s the way forward Pastors, Youth leaders and Parents would want to see in the lives of our young people.

The challenge is that we should pray for them to stand against the bad influences, peer pressure and evil by living a Christ centered life and make a difference in our society.