Location: Banz

Start Date: March 26 2021

End Date: March 26 2021


The Papua New Guinea Bible Church Inc. has 24 Districts nationwide and Jiwaka is one of them formed in 1992.

Before it became a District, Jiwaka was looked after by Mt. Hagen District. However, it then grew and expanded with an increased number of local churches therefore the Mt. Hagen District Council recommended Jiwaka to the Central Executive Council (CEC) to be a District of its own. After careful screening and

consideration, approval was finally granted by the Central Executive Council for Jiwaka to have its own District.

The pioneer who started Jiwaka District was Pastor John Wak.

From then on other pastors and laymen came together and carried

the District forward. Laymen like Nathan Temane, Simon Berem,

Pilimbo Purre and to name a few had taken the leading role including the local pastors in

spearheading church development and subsequently established many local churches.

Currently, Jiwaka District has a total of 46 local Churches and five (5) Fellowship groups.

Jiwaka District has an estimated population of over three thousand plus congregation

Last year(2020), I had the privilege to attend their Christmas service including the

District Executive Council (DEC) election.

The District Tabernacle was packed to capacity with church members and some came as

far as Jimi and other remote parts of the province. They were all excited to
partake in their Christmas service and also participated in appointing their
District Church leaders.

The District also have a Christian Academy headed by Pastor Jerry Kos as the school’s

Principal. Rev. Kos also pastors Kudjip local church located near his village,
a stronghold of the Nazarene Church.

The District Executive Council (DEC) was voted in without much interruption.

Brother Nathan Temane was appointed as District Chairman and Pastor John Wak as
the District Head Pastor including members of the District Executive Council. It was
interesting to observe how pastors and church council participated in appointing
their leaders. On Sunday morning, Pastor Milas Kombra officially dedicated the
newly elected (DEC) members.

Jiwaka District is located between Western Highlands and Simbu Provinces. Jiwaka region has a

population of almost 200,000 people, therefore; the District including the local
pastors have an enormous responsibility to reach out with the message of ‘Holiness’.
The word ‘Jiwaka’ is an acronym, initially stands for Jimi, Waghi and Kambia.
Jimi and Kambia are far-flung remote sub- Districts of the Jiwaka province;
however, a few local churches have been planted in those areas but still the
harvest is plenteous. Most of the churches they have are mainly on the waghi plains.

As such please pray for JIWAKA!