Location: Tambul

Start Date: March 26 2021

End Date: March 26 2021


Kulwane is an acronym initially stands for Kulana, Kulpena and Wanepulu local outstations of

the PNG Bible Church, Tambul District. These churches are known for raising
pastors. So far they have sent over 50 plus pastors to the field. Out of that, some are called to teach

in the two Bible Colleges; some serve as (DEC) members running their respective Districts and

others serve as local pastors in Tambul including other Districts of the PNG Bible Church Inc.

Every Christmas they always come together and have their local missionary service to

re-equip themselves to go out and re-fire.

These guys are passionate. They have an organizing Committee led by Laten Sumayo

and Ps. David Steven. Last year (2020) Christmas, they had organized a community crusade and

invited Rev. Pilipo Miriye and Rev. Undi Pundu to preach.

Many people got saved in that week-long crusade. Most of them were young people.

The singing place was given to host the crusade. Historically, a native named
Karoma Weapa of the Kengolga tribe was a local pioneer who took Rev. Frank Ward

from Pabarabuk to develop Tambul
Mission Station. He died a few years ago and was buried next to the singing ground.

Without Karoma and Rev. Ward, Tambul Mission Station would not exist. He told Rev. Ward and said, ‘In

my place we have the best bananas, pineapples, peanuts, etc and you will not
run out of food’. Rev. Ward believed what Karoma had said and both came to
Tambul but eventually found out that what Karoma had told him were not there.

However, Rev. Ward managed to stay on and developed
the mission station. Tambul Mission Station was first established in 1953.

In view of that the Kulwane group of local churches place high emphasis on evangelization

and the preaching of the gospel following late Karoma’s footstep since he was one

of the pioneers instrumental in helping early missionaries spread the gospel.