Location: Lae, Morobe Province

Start Date: April 08 2021

End Date: April 12 2021


The National Youth Camp of the PNG Bible Church was held in
Malahang District Ground, Lae, Morobe Province. More than 2000 plus youths of
the Church’s 24 Districts have attended the camp. On the camp ground, high
quarantine measures were imposed to comply with the strict covid 19 protocols. So
far nobody was sick; everyone was safe and sound. Thanks to the National Covid
19 Control Centre for granting us approval to facilitate the
youth convention. With logistical support and input from the District Executive Council
of PNG Bible Church, Lae in partnership with the National Youth Council have had
successfully hosted the (NYC) camp.

Pastor Tomscoll Paiwa, a lecturer of the Pacific Bible College was the main speaker.
Apparently, soul searching sermons were preached and as a result, revived and molded the youths
that attended the camp. Almost everyone had received help and were challenged to live
for God in these trying times when evil is on the increase to devour their
lives. Youths came as far as Tari- Pori in the Hela Province including Mekeo in
the Central Province. The District Tabernacle was packed to capacity.

The young people that attended the camp meant business. They were
hungry for God. They wanted to see this country transformed by a great sin
killing revival like it had happened in the days of John Wesley, Charles G.
Finney, D.L.Moody and others. Revival days are not over. They have prayed earnestly
to see this country transformed for the better. So far corruption has taken a foothold

in all sectors of government including Church and it’s about time God must save this country.

Unless God intervenes for our nation’s transformation, PNG is doomed for destruction.

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach that brings a nation down to poverty, shame and


Many had testified that they would stand for God despite challenges, setbacks and obstacles.

Also many were called to attend Bible College to serve as pastors, preachers and
missionaries. God’s awesome presence was real. The young people had
enjoyed God more than ever. It was their time and God really visited them big
time. The 2021 National Youth Camp has ended on a high note.

The next NYC camp will be held in Kaupena District in 2022.