Location: Piambil, SHP.

Start Date: July 01 2021

End Date: July 04 2021

The 2021 National Ladies Retreat was held in Piambil District of the PNG Bible Church, Southern

Highlands Province, with a record crowd of over 4000 plus women, came
from all walks of life and attended the weekend retreat. It was unique and special.

Ps. Dorcas Rami and Mrs. Helen Noae preached powerful sermons that drew many

to the altar seeking God’s forgiveness, healing and deliverance for a new beginning.

Almost everyone had received help from the life-changing messages ever preached.

The surrounding community has cooperated well to ensure

that the Retreat was delivered to serve its purpose.

The newly built Tabernacle was packed
to capacity. God’s presence was evident and every session went well as scheduled.
To date, Piambil has never hosted any events of such magnitude,

however, the National Ladies Retreat was a first

of its kind they would never forget. It was history in the making
therefore all pastors, laymen and womenfolk were happy that the Retreat was held in their

From an interview, the District Head Pastor said that the massive tabernacle structure

was put up within three months before the Retreat commenced and it was a miracle only God can do for His glory. Apparently, God’s timing is always perfect therefore the newly built Tabernacle

including other developments were delivered on time and subsequently
paved way for a successful Retreat. The womenfolk had enjoyed the
Retreat with soul-searching testimonies and excitement like never before.

Piambil is one of the pioneer Districts of the PNG
Bible Church located at the foot of Mt Giluwe, the second-highest mountain in
Papua New Guinea. The Piambil Mission Outpost was first started by a native named Ope from the Kambia Pupai tribe in the early 1950s.
However, in 1960 Robert and Lilly Harvey family came from the United States and further developed the mission station. However, they left for Mele in 1962.

The 2021 National Ladies Retreat has ended successfully. The next Retreat will be held in Port Moresby, the nation’s capital in 2023. With that thank God for his visitation and trusting that He would do many more good things for Piambil in the years to come.