Start Date: September 17 2020

End Date: September 20 2020


The 29th National Men’s Retreat of the PNG Bible Church was held on the Independence weekend in Pabarabuk Missions Station, WHP. The theme of the Retreat was ‘Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem’. Over 3000 plus menfolk from all over PNG attended. The main speakers were Rev. Pilipo Miriye and Rev. Undi Pundu. Pastor James Poning was the devotional preacher. However, they were used of God and delivered some powerful messages ever heard. God came in a mighty way and filled, revived and helped the menfolk to live for God and serve their families, workplace and communities as examples reflecting Christ and His kingdom.

The campus tabernacle was packed to capacity. As a result many sat on the lawn fending off heat and humidity to hear God’s word. The Mele Youths had provided music including song items and kept the Retreat alive.

Also, the Secretary for Justice and Attorney General Dr. Eric Kwa, Dr. Clement Waine, Dr. John Kuimb and other dignitaries came and spoke on the importance of God’s word and how our country should run. Dr. Kwa highlighted that the Marape-Stevens Government has approved a proposal to formally declare PNG a Christian Country under the constitution. He further stated that the preamble to the constitution was founded on the two basic principles of Cultural Heritage and Christianity. ”Even though PNG is a Christian Country, the constitution doesn’t say much on Christianity therefore we are working on it to give pre-eminence to Christian views and beliefs and make Cabinet’s decision a reality”, Dr. Kwa said.

The PNG Bible Church has unanimously supported the Cabinet’s decision to declare PNG a Christian Country. The Church leaders and Pastors said that it’s a way forward and it must be achieved. ‘This nation belongs to God and we don’t want prostitution, same-sex marriage and other illicit practices that oppose Christianity be legalized in our country’.

Also, more than One Hundred Thousand Kina was raised to improve infrastructure development of the Pabarabuk Mission Station. Pacific Bible Collège will soon put up a new dormitory to cater international students who would come to take up studies. Pacific Bible College offers Degree in Theology. The School was first started by late Rev. Glen Pelfrey, a Canadian Missionary in 1982. So far Pacific Bible College has received students from the Philippines, West Papua and the Solomon Islands. Some have gone back to their countries after completing their studies but some are still undergoing training. The College anticipates that more international students would be enrolled in the years to come.

The Central Executive Council of the PNG Bible Church had thanked Brother Danny Kepi- Chairman of the National Men’s Retreat and his Committee for successfully facilitating the 2020 National Men’s Retreat. The next Men’s Retreat will be held in Madang comes 2021.